"Thank you for the resolution to our family issues. The experience was very comfortable and the peaceful outcome was welcome. With respect to the level of professionalism you provided, a big thank you."

"Thank you for everything you have done on behalf of our family. I know it was intense, that there was a distinct timeline and that you put a great deal of thought and extra hours into the management of our situation. Your patience, compassion, humour, conscientiousness around emotional and legal boundaries, clarity with oral and written communication, ability to manage strong emotional moments in a safe way, respect for both points of view, and ability to see how to reach a more middle ground are just a few of your many skills from which we benefitted. I will be thankful every day for the next 10 years of my time with my child that we were able to achieve an agreement outside of the court room, one that would allow us to foster the beginnings of a healthy working relationship as parents and one that would provide the child with what he needs - the best of both of us."

"Bobbi, thanks again for your amazing skills yesterday. You are such a pleasure to work with; so calm and thoughtful and such a good job of holding folks accountable while bringing out the best in them."

"Bobbi I would like to thank you for all that you did for us yesterday. It means so much for us to be given this opportunity to voice and share our hopes and concerns within a safe and nurturing environment."

"Thank you Bobbi!  I was so grateful for your involvement and appreciated that the mediation was professional and very respectful of all participants.  Most importantly, I believe that the mediation’s outcome honours the child’s well being above all else.   Thank you for helping each of us to remain focused on our primary purpose."

"Bobbi was especially effective at moderating this mediation where two the participants were connected by long distance telephone  -  not an easy mediation give the diverse positions that the opposing sides brought to the table."

"Great mediation. Positive experience."

"As always Bobbi was effective and respectful.  A very emotional and difficult mediation but, resulted in being very effective."